How Can I Make My Fish Happy

For anyone who has pets, you always want them to be healthy and happy. Some of you even spoil them because they are like our non-human babies. So whether you have a dog, cat, turtle, bird, lizard, fish, or some other pet; remember that they will live longer if they are happy and healthy.

How Can I Make My Fish Happy

  • Frequent water changes
  • Regular tank cleanings
  • Proper water condition/chemistry
  • Correct food and feeding schedule
  • And much more

There are a few other ways that we list below. 

Are My Fish Happy?

Fish, just like cats and dogs, thrive on proper care and attention. They may not have the tails to wag or the purr’s to give, they swim around and play. Fish are more than just a pet in an aquarium. They are more than just a focal point or centerpiece in your living room. They are more than just ‘home decor’.

There are a large variety of ways that you can make your fish happy. I am going to cover 8 ways to make your fish happy. I will also give you some things to look out for, that may be making your fish sick. Making them happy will ensure that they grow and live longer than if they are stressed or unhappy. Below are some of the main ways that we can make “Nemo” happy. 

Physical Health

Your fish’s physical health is going to be the main way to tell whether or not he/she is a happy fish. Happy fish will have more energy and they will grow larger. They will also eat more and interact better with other fish. You may also notice that their coloring is brighter. 

Having an aquarium and fish takes time, attention, and an investment just like any other pet. If you get bored and don’t take good care of the aquarium or the fish they will get lethargic. They won’t eat as much, they won’t interact with any other fish, and they will either float aimlessly or sit on the bottom of the tank. 

If you work to keep the perfect environment for your fish they will repay you with happiness and some entertainment. In the next section, I will go into more detail on some of the ways to make sure that your fish are happy.

8 Tips to Improve My Fish Happiness

01. You want to purchase an aquarium for more than just decor. Fish are living creatures, not house decorations. They have requirements that will take an everyday commitment. Believe it or not, fish are just as interactive as other pets. They enjoy swimming around and playing with other fish or the plants/forage that you put into the tank.

02. Make sure you fully understand everything about the fish in your aquarium. Not all fish can thrive in the same environment/conditions. You have to consider water temperature, water condition, co-inhabitants, food, and much more. You can not put 5 different fish in the tank and expect them all to thrive and be happy. So take the time to find out all about the fish that you want to have in your tank, and which other fish can co-Inhabitat well.

03. Fish need plenty of space. If you are going to have more than 1 or 2 fish in the tank then you need to make sure they have plenty of room to swim and play. If the fish are cramped then they don’t eat, get stressed, can’t swim around, and are more than likely to get sick or fight with the other fish. Make sure you take into account the rocks, plants, other items you will have in the tank with the fish when purchasing the aquarium.

04. Make sure the condition of the water is optimum. All tap water is different and is not going to be the same as what the fish are used to. Condition your water each time you change it. This will keep the pH level, acidity, and chlorine where it is healthy for the fish. You can buy a water testing kit to make sure the water is prime for your babies.

05. Cleaning the tank regularly. This is the main contributor to happy fish. Once a week you should remove all algae from the walls and all the waste from the rocks/plants. Light to moderate cleaning once a week is perfect. Make sure to deep clean the aquarium once a month. Clean and scrub everything with hot soapy water and rinse extremely well. This will help the fish from becoming sick.

06. Feed them the right food. Some fish are carnivores and some fish are omnivores. Certain fish love the fish flakes and pellets, while other fish can’t get enough of fresh or frozen meat. A goldfish for example is going to need different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than a betta fish. This all connects back to knowing and understanding the breed you are going to keep in your tank.

Only feed your fish what they can gobble up in just a few minutes. Too much food in the tank and you will have to clean it more than once a week. Fish also enjoy a ‘snack’ every now and then. A special treat will keep them happy and will add to the nutrients of their original food.

07. Make sure the filter is working properly. Keep the fish out of direct sunlight, and maintain the noise level in the house. 

The filter is going to keep the tank clean and keep the proper amount of oxygen in the water. Fish need oxygen just like any other living creature. Your fish’s gills should consistently expand. This indicates they are getting enough oxygen. If they are expanding too rapidly, there is something wrong.

Direct sunlight will raise the water temperature and potentially make it very uncomfortable for the fish. Too much sun also messes with the pH levels. Fish need about 10-12 hours of light a day. A lot of us purchase a timer that we turn on in the morning, before we head out the door.

Most fish like their surroundings fairly quiet. They stay more relaxed in a peaceful environment. Relaxed fish produce happy fish, so try to have the tank in a room where the whole family doesn’t hang out consistently.

08. Talk to them! Yes, talk to them. Do not leave them alone. Going to work for 8 hours is one thing, but you can not leave for a weekend or on a week or 2 vacations unless you have someone who can go and take care of them and clean the tank for you.

Can I Talk to My Fish?

Believe it or not fish need and love interaction with you (and other fish). Yes, it sounds strange when I tell you to talk to your fish, but they need attention just like any other pet.

It doesn’t have to be a lengthy conversation, just a little attention each day when you arrive home from work and/or in the morning when feeding them before you head out the door. In doing this, you will know when there is something wrong with your fish.

There are a few other ways to keep your fish happy; making sure they have plants or other forage in the tank to “play” with, feeding them on a set schedule, the lights that you put in the aquarium, and more.

Just remember, when you start thinking about having fish as pets; they are like any other pet. They take time, attention, and money. You can not just buy a tank, put water in it, throw fish in it and call them pets. They have specific requirements, so again, know the breed before you buy them.

In Conclusion

Fish are just as important as other pets. They are not home decor, a centerpiece in the living room, or something that can be bought and not taken care of. Make sure that you and/or your children are ready for the commitment that it takes to have a fish and keep it happy and healthy. Who knows how long your cute little goldfish will last, and how big he can actually get, if you keep him happy and healthy.

Before we go, here are just a couple of things to watch out for in your fish. If your fish develops blemishes or white spots, bulging eyes, or torn/ragged fins, there could be something wrong with your fish. Fish, as stated earlier, should have vibrant coloring and be swimming around. If you catch these symptoms soon enough, you should be able to save the fish.  


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