How Long Does Betta Water Conditioner Take To Work

Betta fish are hardy yet delicate. They possess beautiful flowing fins and come in many gorgeous colors. They are pretty simple to care for and they can live for quite a few years. The one main thing you have to remember if you want to raise betta fish; you can not put 2 males in the same tank. They are extremely territorial and will fight. Today we will see how exactly Water Conditioners Take To Work?

The betta water conditioner works extremely fast so you can add your betta fish within 2 to 3 minutes. This will work by neutralizing the chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals that are in your tap water (well water). This conditioner needs to be placed in the tank either before the water or immediately after. 

We will take a look, today, at the most beneficial ways to care for your betta tank and your betta fish. We will let you know if they have to be in tanks with filters, compatible housemates, what they prefer to eat, and much more. Once you reach the end of this article you will be confident and knowledgeable about all aspects of keeping a betta fish in your tank.

Where Are Betta Fish From?

The betta fish is native to Southeast Asia and are frequently referred to as the Siamese fighting fish. They are very territorial and aggressive. It is not recommended to have two or more males in the same tank. It could even be dangerous to have a male and a female. There could be some terrible fights between the fish.

Betta fish are often small, being only 2.4-3.1 inches long. On average the better will live for 2-3 years but can live longer if cared for properly. Wild bettas are different colors than the ones you find in your local pet stores. They are browner in color versus the bright colors of captured/pet bettas.

 What Temperature Should A Betta Fish Tank Be?

Betta fish are easily cared for; 75-80 degree water, they are perfectly happy if they are the only fish, their tanks do not require constant oxygenation, and you can keep them in smaller tanks than other fish.

This will save you a little bit of money. The recommendation for 1 betta fish is a 2-gallon tank, minimum. 

Best Betta Fish Food

The betta fish, because of their mouth, will feed on the surface of the water. Betta fish need to have a high protein diet and fiber. Brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms are part of their diet. The betta food pellets are a great way to get all three of those plus the vitamins and minerals that they need to stay healthy. The betta pellets also help with improving their bright beautiful colors.

Do Bettas Like Living Alone?

Bettas prefer to be in a tank alone. They are not schooling fish, like the guppy. Betta prefers their space, privacy, and no housemates. 

A betta really likes places that they can hide even though they are the only fish in the tank. A dense, planted corner or an aquatic cove is perfect for this.

How Do You Take Care OF Betta Fish Water?

Betta fish actually prefer slightly acidic water. The perfect pH level would be between 6.5 – 7. Make sure you purchase a test kit for your aquarium. This way, when you do your weekly cleaning/water change, you can check the levels in your water. Betta fish also prefer warmer water. The colder water can hinder their immune system and cause illness. 

When you clean your betta tank you want to only remove ⅓ of the water. This helps the betta fish to adjust to the temperature and pH levels. You need to clean your betta water every three to four days if you have a smaller tank or a bowl.

If your water has high levels of chlorine, you need to add a betta water conditioner before you put the fish in the tank. Wait 2-3 minutes before you put your betta fish in the water. If you are doing a water change, wait 2-3 minutes before putting the new, freshwater into the tank. 

For the decorations in the tank, just use warm water and a washcloth to clean them off. Never use any kind of soap or chemicals!! You may not get it all rinsed off and this could really harm your betta. If you take excellent care of your betta tank and your betta fish, they can live well past 2 -3 years old.

If you are going to keep your betta fish in a tank that uses a filter, you do not have to do a water change every 3 or 4 days. You can choose to change 10% of the water once a week or 25% of the water every 2 weeks. This is because the filtration system is designed to help keep the tank clean and healthy. You will want to replace the filter cartridge once a month for optimal use and cleaning of your tank.

Because of the beautiful flowing fins of the betta you want to choose a filter system with an adjustable flow rate or a gentle sponge filter. If the water flow/current is too strong it could hurt their fins.

Basics of Betta Fish Water Conditioner

With all of the different brands and types of water conditioners on the market, there are a couple of details to keep in mind while you are shopping. You can not add any types of treatment products or chemicals to kill microorganisms like you would in a non-betta tank. These things can and most likely will, kill your betta fish.

In a betta tank, the water conditioner will do the job of getting rid of the harmful microorganisms. Not all water conditioner products are going to be the same.

Some are going to be formulated to do more duties in your tank. This is not a bad thing. All of the water conditioner products remove chlorine and chloramines. Unless you are 110% sure your water supply is completely free of chlorine, you MUST use the water conditioner in your betta tank.

As stated above, some of the water conditioners have other functions besides just removing chlorine and chloramines. Our tap water also contains very small particles of heavy metals; zinc, iron, and copper are normally in our water naturally or through corrosion. These heavy metals can cause stress and even be fatal for your fish. Some of the water conditioners have the extra duty of being able to detoxify the heavy metals.

Water conditioners can also detoxify the ammonia and nitrates that are in your betta tank. The “good” bacteria in your tank will also neutralize the ammonia and nitrates. This doesn’t happen a lot in betta tanks because the tanks are smaller and you only have 1 fish. If you do your weekly maintenance on your betta tank, you should not need the added protection.

A lot of the water conditioners do contain aloe vera. This is going to promote a healthy slime coat on your betta fish. The slime coat protects your fish from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and being infected by parasites. If your betta is recovering from an injury or illness then you should look into products that will boost the slime coat. 


Your water conditioner doesn’t need to be made specifically for betta fish, for it to work in a betta fish tank. The other water conditioners work just as well and will not harm your betta fish. Just make sure to check the label and make sure there are no types of chemicals in the water conditioner. Chemicals will, in fact, harm your betta.

When setting up your tank and when doing your water changes, you want to add the water conditioner and wait 2-3 minutes before adding your fish or adding the new water to the tank. Some of the water conditioners can also buffer your aquarium’s water pH to keep it stable and in the perfect range for your betta. 

I hope that we have provided you with all of the information that you had been searching for, in terms of water conditioner for your betta fish tank. Always remember to read labels and ask questions if you are unsure if you are purchasing the correct product for the size of the tank, type of fish, style of filter, and more. 

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