Top 5 Aquarium UV Lights

UV ( Ultraviolet lights) can be extremely efficient if used properly. This helps to kill the algae, but it remains floating in the water. Daily cleaning with a net to remove the dead algae is suggested. This will help to keep your water from turning green between your water changes. As a result, I have evaluated the top five Aquarium UV Lights that are the best value for money, and put together a comparison list.

Here Are The Top 5 UV Lights That You Can Purchase for Your Aquariums

1.Coralife Turbo Twist

This UV light will cost you about $100. You can use the Coralife in freshwater or saltwater tanks. It has double-wall construction, mounting brackets, connectors, UV lamp, and works with tanks up to 125 gallons.

2. AA Aquarium 24 Watt Green Killing Machine:

 Averaging about $75, this Green Killing UV light is easily submersible, comes with a powerhead, and gets rid of waterborne pathogens, bacteria and algae.

3. AA Aquarium 9 Watt Green Killing Machine

This 9 watt Green Killin one is for use on a 50-gallon tank or less. Very simple to install and will give you clean and clear water in just a few days. It will rid your tank of free-flowing molds, algae, bacteria, and other pathogens. You will need to replace the housing with every bulb change.

4. Coospider Sun JUP-01

9 watts that work great for an 80-gallon tank. This Coospider Sun JUP-01 UV light comes with 2 replacement filters and an extra UV bulb. When you are unpacking this unit you MUST REMOVE the shock-proof sponge from inside. Make sure to read the directions very carefully.

05. Coodia Internal Green Water Killer:

This Coodia Internal Green Water Killer UV light will cost about $35, will keep the water clear, controls bacteria, and will keep your tank healthy. The UV light is protected by quartz tubing and sealed with an O-ring.

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